Exactly how many Tritypes® have there been?27 Tritype® Archetype Definitions | Copywriter away from Enneagram Tritypes® | Katherine Chernick Fauvre

Exactly how many Tritypes® have there been?27 Tritype® Archetype Definitions | Copywriter away from Enneagram Tritypes® | Katherine Chernick Fauvre

It is possible to seem tight often times but you happen to be really lighthearted and savor teaching other people what counts to you personally

The new labels of your twenty-seven Tritype® Archetypes were created by the Katherine Fauvre as a result of of many qualitative interviews with each of three models during the each of the fresh twenty seven Tritypes®. They are labels that professionals representing the three types from inside the for every single Tritype® you may acknowledge as their identity.

Tritype® 125, 152, 215, 251, 512, 521-The brand new MentorIf you are a beneficial 125, you are really patient, caring, and knowledgeable. We would like to getting moral, useful, and you may wise. You are extremely idealistic to check out what should be done together with basic good ways to get it done. You are intensely individual but value anybody. You search basic possibilities and procedures determine performance and you may features. You can seems style of some times but you try usually concerned about upgrade.

Tritype® 126, 162, 216, 261, 612, 621-The fresh new SupporterIf you’re a good 126, you are diligent, caring, and you may wondering. You want to getting moral, useful, and you may supporting. Highly responsible and you will cooperative, you are preferred in the event you things ‘by book’ and you can know very well what can be expected. Focused on certain requirements and you can concerns off anyone else, your search how to be regarding services. You like being the stamina behind the brand new throne. Be sure to be seen because the one which produces the extra work accomplish what is actually needed in almost any considering situation.

You like studying something new

Tritype® 127, 172, 217, 271, 712, 721-The TeacherIf you are a 127, you’re diligent, compassionate, and you can creative. You want to end up being moral, empathetic, and you will inspired. Engaging, fun-loving, and you can outgoing, we would like to end up being with individuals. Your look for fun which have a function, looking for specifications together with time for you enjoy and commemorate and you may live life. You have got a gift of being capable press the new boredom out-of something boring. Tritype® 135, 153, 315, 351, 513, 531-The brand new Tech ExpertIf you are an effective 135, you are patient, centered, and knowledgeable. We wish to be moral, effective, and you can wise. Highly mental, your search options and functions.

Detail-built, you adore analytical concepts and you will looking for an effective way to description and you can see cutting-edge issue. You are very direct and you may a beneficial having exacting facts one to anyone else pick hard to manage. You love seeing interconnections out-of an independent position that can within times come across as technology and you may impersonal. Tritype® 136, 163, 316, 361, 613, 631-The TaskmasterIf you’re an excellent 136, you’re diligent, bold, and you can fascinated. We want to feel ethical, efficient, and you may dutiful. Extremely industrious and you can responsible, you are focused on conclusion. You become forced to end salir con un perro up being organized and create a profitable visualize as dictated because of the area. Above all, your run their obligations and you will seeking certainty. You are tempted to to follow along with a tried and tested method to help you everything do. Tritype® 137, 173, 317, 371, 713, 731-The newest Expertise BuilderIf you are a beneficial 137, you are patient, committed, and you will creative.

We would like to become moral, productive, and you can hopeful. You are self-determined and want to reach finally your requirements from inside the a confident and you may effective way. For you to do your absolute best and want to look fantastic carrying it out. Your work with profits and you can search an approach to scale it. You are also very worried about building a successful foundation to have anything you perform. Tritype® 145, 154, 415, 451, 514, 541-The latest ResearcherIf you are a 145, you are diligent, user friendly, and you can experienced. We should feel moral, fresh, and you can smart. Extremely mental, you’re focused on everything perceive is right and over reproach. Motivated to end up being informed, you are look-created. Your search and you may quotation the brand new views out of benefits to end are unsure and recognized as unaware. You want to learn and certainly will significantly investigation almost any grabs your own focus.

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