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Quickast is the Foundry Division of Enerzi Group

What are we Good At?

We believe in providing the best Product Development Experience for you. And when your Product is ready we will produce the best in class CI / SGI Castings with Shell Molding Process.
Prototype Casting with 3D Printing

Using Sand 3D Printing, Investment Casting, Conventional Shell Molding or any other suitable technologies

Mass Production with Shell Molding

If you are looking for the Shell Molding Process Expertise, then you are at the right place.

Design and Development Services

Need some support with your designs or Need a team to design your product from scratch? We are here to help you with our 2D & 3D Design and Modelling Expertise.

Why choose us ?


We have a combined Industry experience of 85 Years in Foundry Technologies and Prototyping…!


Our Group has won several National awards and has been a highy recognized Group all over the World with Government orgasnisations, Corporates alike ! 


With ISO and CE certifications the Group is known to build and supply world class Products and Services…!

Trusted by the greatest organizations & Brands !

2,394 Ratings
Google Reviews
"I am sure the joint team effort of CSIR-NAL and Enerzi Group will make significant impact on polymer composites & Materials Processing. I wish the visionary team of Enerzi Group all the very best in all their future projects. I would like to put on record, the professionalism & the leadership of the company management; it was a learning experience for me."
Mr. Jitendra Jadhav,
Director, CSIR-NAL

“I am very happy that Enerzi Group has successfully completed 15 years as the leading Industrial Systems manufacturing company in India. Application of various technologies in processing of variety of materials in ceramics, metals, food, medical, etc. has been implemented by you greately”

Prof. Dinesh Agrawal
Director, MPEC, PSU, USA

“Your products are good at appearance and performance. The technology and workmanship for the products are excellent. We at Teklab, would like to thank you for your great support. We will gladly work on other projects and business opportunities in the near future.”

Mr. Haluk Gorgulu
Chairman, TEKLAB, Turkey

“It is nice to note that, with humble beginning in the year 2007 to this year, you have grown consistently. I was not only impressed by your deep insight, in Microwave applications, but also on your adopting the advance processes coupled with frugal engineering to make this innovation at low cost.”

Mr. Rajesh Khanna
CEO, Wendt India Ltd.