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Foundry Products & Solutions

  • Foundry products are defined as products that are derived from foundries. Foundries refer to workshops where metal castings are produced. Metal casting is a manufacturing process, where molten or liquid metal is poured into a mold which is made up of sand, metal, or ceramic. The mold contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, to form geometrically complex parts. The metal casting process is applicable to all major metals that can be made into castings.
  • common ones are iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, steel, and copper-based alloys. Metal castings are used in a wide range of applications such as in cars, trucks, planes, trains, mining and construction equipment, oil wells, pipes, toys, space shuttles, wind turbines, and nuclear plants. Manufacture of foundry products through the metal casting process is advantageous compared to other processes owing to its design flexibility, high production rate, and molding of large and complex parts. 
  • Additionally, easy way of fabricating wrought or cast products into complex structures while producing lightweight sheet metal parts is another advantage of foundry products. 
  • Increase in need for infrastructure and power generation facilities is fuelling the foundry products market. Growth in the automotive industry in emerging economies such as Japan, China, and India is also driving the foundry products market. Expansion in the MSME (micro, small, and medium enterprises) industry is also one of the factors propelling the foundry products market. Furthermore, rise in technological innovations and rapid industrialization and urbanization are augmenting the foundry products market.
  • Based on product mix, the foundry products market can be segmented into grey iron, SG iron, non-ferrous, steel, and malleable, and others. The grey iron segment accounts for large share of the foundry products market owing to the wide use of grey iron in the automotive industry.

Graded Ductile Iron

SGI castings are our key production Items. We produce a wide range of Ductile Iron parts for a variety of applications.

Graded CI Castings

We Produce Graded CI Castings for General Purpose applications and special CI grades for special Applications.

Core Sand Additive

We manufacture foundry consummables and Premium Core Sand Additive is our revolutionary Product for Foundries to enhance Casting Quality and reduce rejections.

3D Printed Sand Molds

We have a range of 3D Printing and Prototyping services for materials like Plastic, Sand, Resins and Metals.

Prototype Castings

cater to a segment right in between 3D Printed Metal parts and Traditionally developed components.

3D Printed FDM Parts

We produce a variety of polymer parts with FDM 3D  Printing. FDM is one of the earliest and most widely technologies to produce prototypes of Polymers.